Dear MCT Family & Friends:
I miss you. Let’s get back to acting and producing shows, even if we can’t rehearse together!
I recently present the MCT Board of Directors with a new idea called Magical Mondays with Marathon Community Theatre, which will keep MCT in our patron’s hearts and minds and give us something creative to do.  It will also bring a smile to quarantine-weary faces and give you that same wonderful feeling we all feel when we know we're helping others. You’re all invited to participate.  Here’s the “what” and the “how”:
WHAT:  Magical Mondays with Marathon Community Theatre is a 30-minute or so video show featuring you as our stars.  I, Jackie O’Neil, will direct the production with the help of my producer, Mindy Kaufman.  Each Monday our General Manager, Jeanette Gierula, will email a link to the video to our members and patrons where they will be encouraged to share it again on their social media allowing their friends and family to enjoy our video also.  It's free, but will include a not so subtle ad on “how to donate to MCT.”   The video will be available to view on ourwebsite on Monday afternoons.
The show will be kind of a miniature "One Weekend Only" made up mostly of monologues, which can be videoed as “selfies” using your phone, tablet or computer safely from your home.  Skits performed and videoed by family members living in the same home are also welcome.  Monologues can range from 30-seconds to 2-minutes, but there will be exceptions for classics.  Skits involving 2 people or more may have up to 3-minutes of video.  To get your monologue, please email me and I will be glad to send you one I personally choose for you; or choose one for yourself (see rules below).  Original true stories (like a “Story Slam”) are also welcome. Just keep them under 3-minutes.
Rules:  Nothing can be included in our video that could be construed as copyright infringement. Finding a royalty free song to play, sing or dance to can be especially tricky, but extremely important.  You can search for “Public Domain Songs” on the website and if a song isn’t listed, don’t use it.  Royalty free monologues are available on the website and they do not have to be credited unless an author’s name is listed.  We also have permission from author Gabriel Davis to use any of his monologues  listed on the website, with a credit listing him, of course.  Most, but not all, of the monologues on that site were written by Davis.  Please don’t choose one he didn’t write as we do not have permission to use it.  After you choose a monologue, please run the title/author by Mindy and I before you put any time into it.  I’d hate to have to tell you that someone already made a video of the same monologue.  Its first come, first served when it comes to choosing monologues. The good news is we have plenty to go around!
Additional Fun:  Besides the possibility of writing a monologue for yourself, consider friends writing one for each other or members of the same household creating and performing a family skit.  Self-composed songs are especially desirable, so if you are able to write an original song or an amusing jingle, please do so.  Also, there are many wonderful works in the public domain  (which means we can perform them without infringing on a copyright).  Poems/stories by Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Service and many other awesome poets and authors are available for public use. Some would make super monologues.  It’s also fun (and legal) to take a song that’s in the public domain and write your own funny words to it.  Just keep the language PG13  friendly.
Auditions:  To audition, please send your audition video to both of the following email addresses by Thursday of each week or earlier:
Director, Jackie O’Neil:
Producer, Mindy Kaufman:

Introduce yourself and your monologue briefly before performing it. Monologues may be read or off-book.  If reading, please adjust your desk or stand so you don’t have to look down.  Your audience will find your face far more interesting than the top of your head.  Please consider your backdrop in your video (it doesn’t have to be special, although that would be fun, but it shouldn’t detract).  Props are welcome but not necessary, unless the monologue calls for them.  Everyone enjoys pets and you are welcome to have a well-behaved pet with you.  When you send a video to Mindy and I, we’ll watch it and send you notes (mine on acting, and Mindy’s on artistic enhancements (costumes, props, etc).  Taking our notes under consideration, you’ll send us your second try which may be your presentation-ready one.  Or we can try again. When your video is show-ready, we’ll let you know. And yes, it’s possible that your very first try could be perfection!
And Finally:  When we have enough individual videos for one show, they will go to our Technical Director, Larry Garrison and our Graphic Designer, Jeanette Gierula.  In a magical way that I don’t understand, they will take all the individual pieces and make them into our show.  There will be a new show weekly until we can concentrate on live theatre again or until we don’t have enough performances to do a show.  But there’s too much talent at MCT for that to happen!
Please help us get our first presentation out on time by auditioning now.  This is as new to Mindy, Larry, Jeanette and I as it is to you.  I’m sure I forgot something, but we gotta start somewhere and make adjustments as we go along.  We aren’t seeking perfection.  Our goal is to get the arts back in the hearts of our patrons; do something special for our community; and have as much fun as possible together along the way.
Cheers and Thanks!
Jackie O’Neil
Director, Magical Mondays at Marathon Community Theatre